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U-BAS Affordable Housing (152 Units)

This project will serve low-income households. This project has a preference for artists.

U-BAS Affordable Housing is a Low-Income Affordable Housing project. It is the most prolific project created in Halifax Regional Municipality.  For projects with an artist preference, that means that housing units are filled first with applicants who meet the eligibility criteria for the artist preference. If the units cannot be filled with eligible artist candidates, the units will be filled with applicants from the general pool. A number of units will be set aside for production air b n b's.

For the purposes of the Artist Preference, “artist” is someone who is regularly engaged in an artistic, creative, or cultural activity or practice and pursues such practice on a professional basis. For the purposes of this definition, artistic, creative, or cultural practices may include the following disciplines:

Performing Arts including dancers, actors, musicians, singers, songwriters, playwrights, puppeteers, composers, choreographers, and production related arts and entertainment workers.

Media Arts including television, radio, documentaries, digital media, animation, new media, and production related arts and entertainment workers.

Interdisciplinary Art including installation art, public and performance art, and time-based, experiential art.

Literary Arts including writers of fiction, creative non-fiction, plays, poetry, lyrics and literature.

Visual Arts including painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, mixed media, and design.

Folk Arts and Crafts including beadwork, masks, textiles, jewelry, and glass.

Under the Artist Preference, eligible applicants will meet one of the following two criteria:

The applicant will first be evaluated based on Income from Entertainment Partners of Canada. The applicant must provide documentation to demonstrate earnings, from any eligible discipline, three out of the last five years. If the applicant does not meet this Income from Entertainment Partners of Canada; then the applicant will be evaluated using the second criteria.

The applicant will be evaluated based on engagement in and professional commitment to Artistic Practice which will be evaluated and determined based on a portfolio review by the Artist Committee.

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